Mobiocean Features.

  Device Management,,

Nowadays mobile devices are not limited to just voice or text communication.
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  App Management

Given the overwhelming popularity of apps across categories
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 Web Management

We are daily connected to the Web, accessing and using Web-based information
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 Call/SMS Regulation

Voice Calling or Messaging Text using mobile devices is now a common everyday activity
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 Location Management.

While stationed at the physical workplace, more and more people continue to work on-the-move
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 SOS Management

In today’s mobile environment, more and more people continue to work on-the-move
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 Device Security

Today businesses across industries are facing complex challenges to maintain mobility
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 Network & Policy Management

Given today’s rapidly changing working environment and the immediacy of the mobile experience,
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Mobile operating systems such as Android address many old security threats but also create new and complex security requirements. In the traditional PC environment, security focused on restricting employees’ access to corporate resources and the actions they could take. Security meant users could do less. In the new world, the right security model means that employees can do more. The MobiOcean platform was built to secure and manage modern operating systems in a world of mixed-use devices. With MobiOcean, security means enabling business not restricting it.

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Customer Speaks

"Being a software development company it is sometimes challenging to allow mobile phones due to security reason.MobiOcean addresses these challenges effectively. ."

Anuj Sayal

CEO, Netmax Digital. A large software development & Digital marketing company

"MobiOcean is one of those that every entrepreneur should be using to overcome mobility challenges, With the easy to use Mobile Device Solutions.Business can save their time and money and being secured too. So they can focus on other aspects of their business.."

Amit Agarwal

CMD, Genus Apparels, A large Garment manufacturing company

"Fantastic! Innovative product very easy to use and we were able to address most of our issues related to mobile management.and thus helping us in our daily business operations.  ."

Navdeep Varshney

CEO, R K Stockholding (P) Ltd. A large Stock broking firm