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Enterprise Attendance Solution

Each industry has its own demands, Every business has different requirements. To address unique and individual needs of businesses and industries,MobiOcean offers customised solutions.​

MobiOcean’s Enterprise Attendance Solution addresses your special requirements! In addition to the standard features offered by Mobility Based Attendance Solution.MobiOcean offers enterprise attendance solution through geo-fencing and customized technology

Enabling attendance via Voice, Fingerprint, or Smartcard. MobiOcean offers custom-made solutions through

App Based System:

Here attendance is done through MobiOcean App. The attendance app can also be integrated on demand with Fingerprint(Biometric) using biometric sensor of phone, Unique VoicePrint of individual authenticated online ( Even offline) integrated with Geofencing capabilities.

Device Based System

Mobiocean attendance system is enabled through MobiOcean Handheld Device . The Device has integrated NFC, RFID, Biometric readers which are integrated in Mobiocean Attendance App (MobiAttendance) on the machine and attendance can be taken by any of the ways. The system has unique feature of Geofencing which enables machine to work only in the defined area to mark attendance. The Device  can work in outdoor environment and remote locations and can record attendance through SMS in case Internet connectivity is unavailable.

Both the App Based System and the Device Based System use customized technology and geo-fencing to offer enterprise attendance Solution through:


Enroll your unique voice print in the system- A simple and effective way to mark presence on the portal through your unique voice which authenticates thru the enrolled voice of the user.


Register fingerprint impression- An easy and efficient mode of reporting attendance using a device

RFID card

Use RFID technology- A resourceful and effortless way to confirm presence using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled card.

So, with MobiOcean ...

  • Attendance is based on the setup of location (premises or area)
  • Stops working once the device moves out of the designated location
  • Validates employee presence within office premises
Exclusive Benifits

The App Based System can prove invaluable where an employee needs to register attendance multiple times during working hours using her / his personal mobile device​.

The Device Based System is particularly handy and advantageous where the attendance of multiple employees at a single location is concerned even at the remote areas where Internet is the problem.

Industries Domain

Whether your business involves Transport & Logistics, Supply Chain & Distribution, Manufacturing, Event Management, Courier Services, or Home Delivery ...
 It is a Government Department / NGO.You have employees working from within the office premises.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, administrator, human resource executive, or part of the office workforce

MobiOcean serves all your needs!