Encrypted Messaging Mobile Application

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Encrypted Messaging Mobile Application

Secure your thoughts through text to make more impact rather than words.

MobiOcean offers Peanut (in partnership) which is a privacy and security enhanced SMS or secure & encrypted text messaging Application for mobile devices developed with guidelines to give the benefit of secure SMS, secure MMS, and secure communications using mobile operator provided native services to the end user.

Short Message Service (SMS) is the native text messaging service provided by mobile network operators which continues to be both a popular and an inexpensive mass media communication technology.Peanut provide a value added service Privacy and Security to the message with End to End security.


PEANUT can be used by user as secure SMS application for benefit over native SMS for personal needs, business needs like Enterprise customers, mobile banking, financial services, insurance, accounting, legal and other professional services and many other services, or also as a replacement of today SMS.

Peanut is HIPAA compliance of native SMS services and provides protection of Data at rest, data in transit, and data in use, data transfer to a file, data transfer to a device and data transfer between devices.

  Password Protected
  Private Contacts
  Auto Expiration
  Remote Wipeout
  Restricted Messages
  Priority Indication
Other Features
  Scheduled Delivery
  Auto Response
  Private Contacts
  Long Messages
  Multiple Languages