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MobiMove is a dynamic, easy-to-use and automated transport system which provides both web as well as app interface for user friendly operations. 

MobiMove is a comprehensive solution for safe and secured travel.

Solution can be deployed for:

  • School Transport Solution for students
  • Corporate Transport Solution for employees.
  • Public Transport Solution for public(traveler)


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Locate the Device
Updates the latest location of a gadget; shares location report with option to select range of hours / days / weeks
 Activate Geo-Fence
Allows setting up of virtual zone and triggers SMS or email alert whenever a location-aware device enters or exits the zone
 Avail Territory-based Tracking
Allows setting up of triggers for SMS or email alert when a device enters or exits the defined boundaries
 Avail Route-based Tracking
Allows creation of a virtual perimeter between two points and triggers SMS or email alert if an entity leaves a predetermined route
 Schedule & Clock the Geo-Fence
Regulates when and for how long the virtual zone / perimeter needs to stay in force