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About - Mobiocean

We live in the Mobile Age where one thing that we hardly miss experiencing is ‘change’: change as the only constant.

In the Mobile Age, we can communicate with each other over great physical distances and can transfer information and data anytime, anywhere, literally using our fingertips!Given the immediacy of the mobile experience, businesses have come to realize that there are complex challenges to maintaining mobility with access to sensitive company data.

While stationed at the physical workplace, more and more people continue to work on-the-move while travelling or out in the field. In a rapidly changing working environment, employees need to access enterprise systems from anywhere and at any time. 

For accessing corporate data and resources, they need to use mobile devices including Smartphones and Tablets. 

This is where we come in: MobiOcean is designed to manage company-wide mobile devices anytime, from anywhere.


So, who are we?

We are a team of professionals researching and developing cutting-edge mobile device management solutions and delivering them to companies and their employees.

Focusing on creating the most comprehensive mobile device management solutions in tune with the fast-paced and ever-changing 21st-century business environment, we help companies to:
•    Identify mobility challenges
•    Protect sensitive company data
•    Adopt mobile gadget safety measures
•    Enhance employee safety and security
•    Improve performance and profitability
•    Optimize organizational mobility cost

Why the name ‘MobiOcean’? What does ‘MobiOcean’ mean?

MobiOcean = Mobile + Ocean

By helping businesses to securely negotiate and navigate the ‘mobile ocean’ of information and communication, MobiOcean lives up to its name!

Keeping the needs of businesses and their employees at the centre, we have developed the product features which are completely customizable to a company’s specific needs


M - Manage Smart Devices
O - On the Alert for SOS
B - Be Focused on Device Location and Security 
I - Integrate Mobile Tools in Time, every Time
O - Observe, Regulate, & Secure Data
C - Check & Regulate Call / SMS and Web Usage
E - Empower Enterprise Mobility
A - Achieve App Management with Ease
N - Never Compromise on Network & Policy Management

Our products and solutions empower businesses to stay ever vigilant to safeguard their sensitive data and to boost their performance and profitability.

We help companies to efficiently manage mobile devices and their usage and protect sensitive company data and personal information, whether the employee is:
•    in the workplace
•    out in the field
•    travelling outstation for work, or 
•    working from home