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Enterprise Attendance Solution

Each industry has its own demands, Every business has different requirements. To address unique and individual needs of businesses and industries,MobiOcean offers Device based customised Attendance Solution.

MobiOcean’s Device Based Enterprise Attendance Solution addresses your special requirements! .And offers enterprise attendance solution through geo-fencing and customized technology

Enabling attendance via Aadhaar, Non-Aadhaar (Fingerprint). 

Device Based Attendance System

Mobiocean attendance system is enabled through MobiOcean Handheld Device . The Device has integrated Card reader, Biometric readers, which are integrated with Mobiocean Attendance App (MobiAttendance) on the machine and attendance can be taken by any of the ways. The system has a unique feature of Geofencing which enables the machine to work only in the defined area to mark attendance. The Device can work in an outdoor environment and remote locations and can record attendance through SMS in case Internet connectivity is unavailable.

MobiOcean also enables enterprises to avail the Aadhaar and Non-Aadhaar based Attendance by using external fingerprint module from the various OEMs with Mobile Device.

Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS): MobiOcean provides Aadhar enabled biometric attendance solution integrated with MobiOcean Attendance App. Which enables an individual with an Aadhaar Number, to mark his/her attendance through Biometric authentication using the Aadhar number linked with Aadhar server.

Biometric Attendance System (Non-Aadhaar): MobiOcean enables organization to avail the Biometric Attendance solution bundled with Handheld device, MobiOcean’s application software and centralized console.

Seamlessly its allows administrators to enroll the users, department/branch/ and zone wise, manage the devices and avail the Attendance solution




  • Accurate attendance management with real time monitoring.
  • Real-time data on presence/Absence
  • Measure work time accurately
  • Geotagged location can be taken with the attendance
  • Daily present and absent employees report to the administrator/manager.
  • Holidays, shift, and roster management.
  • web-based centralized console can be monitored from anywhere in the world.
  • Less Administration work.
  • Reduce paperwork and save time and money with mobile and cloud-based attendance management system.
  • Can be configured to store Photograph also when attendance is taken by the individual
  • All attendance managed at the Central level and no local desktop is required.

MobiOcean Admin Attendance App

MoiOcean Admin app is also available and can be downloaded from the play store to give admin quick visibility of Branch/Office/department wise Attendance Report for employee attendance,  in his/her palm.

Admin App Key Feature provides visibility for: 

  • Registered Employee
  • Present Employee 
  • Absent Employee 
  • Late employee 
  • Overtime work details
  • Holidays work details
  • Shift wise attendance
  • Email and share Attendance report as a PDF/Excel/CSV etc..
  • Employee attendance report by Employee name, Code, department,Mobile number, and email ID wise

So, with MobiOcean ...

  • Attendance is based on the setup of location (premises or area)
  • Stops working once the device moves out of the designated location
  • Validates employee presence within office premises
  • Attendance can be avail Aadhaar and Non-Aadhaar Based.
  • Attendance can be marked either thru integrated Fingerprint module with Tablet/device or external Fingerprint module with Mobile/Device. 
Exclusive Benifits

The App Based System can prove invaluable where an employee needs to register attendance multiple times during working hours using her / his personal mobile device .

The Device Based System is particularly handy and advantageous where the attendance of multiple employees at a single location is concerned even at the remote areas where Internet is the problem.

Industries Domain

Whether your business involves Transport & Logistics, Supply Chain & Distribution, Manufacturing, Event Management, Courier Services, or Home Delivery ...
 It is a Government Department / NGO.You have employees working from within the office premises.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, administrator, human resource executive, or part of the office workforce

MobiOcean serves all your needs!