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Device Management

Nowadays mobile devices are not limited to just voice or text communication. Most of the gadgets come with a range of facilities allowing personal entertainment and social engagement. And, these facilities can and often do contribute negatively to an organization's performance.With mobile devices growing to be a necessity to most business operations, certain features that come with most gadgets may require blocking and / or restricting to prevent or limit usage.

Offering both ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’ based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions from a single console, MobiOcean allows businesses to configure, regulate, and schedule the device features.

Configure, block and regulate device features:

  •     Camera : Block-Allow-Schedule
  •     Bluetooth & Tethering:Block-Allow-Schedule
  •     Wi-Fi : Block-Allow-Schedule
  •     Hotspot : Block-Allow-Schedule
  •     Data Connection: Block-Allow-Schedule
  •     Block Factory Reset (*)
  •     Block voice recording(*)


Administrator can even fix the duration of working features like camera, bluetooth, data connection, hotspot and wi-fi, in defined time schedule.For an example if admin have configured the schedule of camera from10 AM to 06 PM and clock duration of 120 minutes then camera will work for 120 minutes in totality in the defined schedule period.

However, block factory reset and block voice recording can not be scheduled and clocked 


Enabling the Administrator to manage and regulate the functionality of all features available in gadgets, MobiOcean empowers businesses to efficiently address mobility challenges and security threats.