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Secured & Encrypted Email Application

MobiOcean Offers WALNUT (In partnership) person to person (P2P) enterprise grade Secure Email application designed with the idea that the privacy and security should be provided to user for all Business or Personal Email accounts through a unified interface with advanced Email security features.

Secure & Encrypted E-Mail (Walnut) work seamlessly across all internet enabled devices including desktop or laptop computers tablets and mobile smartphones with the operating system on android and ios. Over walnut user can have a same user-friendly experience similar to other e-mail application with encrypted and secured communications across multiple platforms.

How Walnut is unique:

1. It does not require any administrative systems or Network operations centre.
2. No Email content on our servers is stored.
3. Easy to use across multiple platforms.
4. Secure Attachments can be sent.

Important Features:

•Encrypted Emails
•Auto Expiry
•Restricted Emails
•Password Protected
•Scheduled Delivery
•Priority Indicator​