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Secured & Encrypted Messenger

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Privacy & Security for all your Communication

MobiOcean offers secure and encrypted chat messenger CASHEW (in partnership) which is a privacy and security enhanced text messaging application that may be used for personal or business needs with enhanced services. Cashew is classified as OTT (over­the­top) application and or service offering.

The OTT service provider is able to offer significant economic value, custom services, rapid prototyping and new feature deployment to the benefit of end users

Secure & Encrypted messenger (Cashew) work across all internet enabled devices including desktop or laptop computers tablets and mobile smartphones with the available major operating system such as android, ios, and windows. Over cashew user can chat share messages, pictures, videos, voice notes and documents in a secure way across multiple platforms.

Important Features:

  •   Secured Messenger
  •   Encrypted Messages and Attachments (all major formats)
  •   Secure Voice calls over Internet
  •   Private Contacts
  •   Priority Indicator
  •   Forward Restriction
  •   Scheduled Delivery
  •   Group Chat (Unlimited members)
  •   Image, Audio and Video share
  •   Multi Device Compatible