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Geo Fencing Management

While stationed at the physical workplace, more and more people continue to work on-the-move while travelling or from home. 

In a rapidly changing working environment, employees need to access enterprise systems from anywhere and at anytime: from inside the workplace or out in the field, while travelling outstation for work or working from home. For accessing corporate data and resources, they need to use mobile devices including Smartphones and Tablets.

Hence, organizations need to effectively and efficiently address mobility challenges and security threats.

Offering both ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’ based location management solution which provides geofencing management from a single console, MobiOcean enables businesses to locate and remotely stay in touch with employees, deploy a comprehensive employee tracking solution and reach out to them in case of any emergency:

Locate the Device
Updates the latest location of a gadget; shares location report with option to select range of hour/ days / weeks
 Activate Geo-Fence
Allows setting up of virtual zone and triggers SMS or email alert whenever a location-aware device enters or exits the zone
 Avail Territory-based Tracking
Allows setting up of triggers for SMS or email alert when a device enters or exits the defined boundaries
 Avail Route-based Tracking
Allows creation of a virtual perimeter between two points and triggers SMS or email alert if an entity leaves a predetermined route
 Schedule & Clock the Geo-Fence
Regulates when and for how long the virtual zone / perimeter needs to stay in force

Enabling the Administrator to locate mobile gadgets, MobiOcean empowers companies to stay seamlessly connected with employees, manage employee territory and route-based movement to enhance productivity, regulate employee travel cost and travel time, and reach out to employees in case of emergency.