Enterprise Mobility Management for Logistics

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Enterprise Mobility Management for Logistics

Your employees use mobile devices to access sensitive data and information from within office and outside. They also access customer details on a daily basis. They have access to data relating to your channel partners, businesses associates, and vendors. Some of your employees are working on-the-move and are involved in marketing, transferring funds physically from one location to another, attending to ATMs, transporting goods from one location to another, managing cross-country supply of materials, etc. While some of your employees are working within a particular geographical area, others need to take pre-defined routes to travel from point A to point B. You need to know whether your employees have breached the defined territory and route. Again, company policy requires that when employees leave the organization company data is erased from their mobile devices.

There are mobility challenges and security threats linked to all these business scenarios. You are looking for that one-stop solution to these and other similar enterprise-mobility-linked issues.

This is how MobiOcean answers your search:

Device Management

Configure & Block Device Features: Camera, Bluetooth & Tethering, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Data Connection, Voice Recording, and Factory Reset – Schedule & Clock Device Usage

Call & SMS Regulation

Blacklist / Whitelist a Number in Address Book – Blacklist / Whitelist a Number not included in Address Book – Activate Keyword Alert for Messaging – Set Alert by Specific Number – Avail Call / SMS History Report – Schedule & Clock Call / SMS Usage

Location Management

Locate the Device – Activate Geo-Fence – Avail Territory-based Tracking – Avail Route-based Tracking – Schedule & Clock the Geo-Fence

SOS Management

Ensure SMS to a Particular Help Number – Avail nearby Location to reach out in case of Emergency – Activate Auto Device Locking – Trigger Auto Voice Recording – Turn on Auto Front & Rear Camera Recording – Start Auto Device Answering

Enabling the Administrator to locate mobile gadgets, MobiOcean empowers companies to stay seamlessly connected with employees, manage employee territory and route-based movement to enhance productivity, regulate employee travel cost and travel time, and reach out to employees in case of emergency.