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Mission & Vision

We are a mobility solutions company helping businesses to identify mobility challenges, protect sensitive company data, adopt mobile gadget safety measures, enhance employee safety and security, improve performance and profitability, and optimize organizational mobility cost.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to empower businesses to install, manage, integrate, regulate, and secure mobile devices for employees to safely and securely access corporate data and resources anytime, from anywhere. We remain focussed on enhancing employee safety and security and improving company performance and profitability.


Our Vision

To be the one-stop destination for comprehensive and integrated Mobile Device Management embracing corporate data security, employee safety, performance improvement, and mobile cost optimization. To develop and deliver products and solutions which are effective, simple to use, and innovative in design. To enable companies of all sizes and scale of operation to deliver mobility based control and regulation to enhance business performance.

Enabling the Administrator to locate mobile gadgets, MobiOcean empowers companies to stay seamlessly connected with employees, manage employee territory and route-based movement to enhance productivity, regulate employee travel cost and travel time, and reach out to employees in case of emergency.