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Mobile Based Attendance & Conveyance Management

Today’s organization deals with a dynamic workforce, part-time workers and work at home consultants. Earlier, with no proper Mobility solutions available and it was a formidable task for HR Managers to capture field staff attendance and process the conveyance as well. But now MobiOcean helps you to keep your virtual team working efficiently.

If you want to seamlessly connect with field employees during work hours, Enable the mobile workforce to remotely record attendance.With MobiOcean's Mobil App based attendance system for field staff, you can keep the track of attendance on time with location and accurate conveyance report marked by field employees. 

Then, your search ends here ... with MobiOcean

With, MobiOcean, employees can mark their attendance while working in an outdoor environment or remote locations!  
All you have to do is install the Mobiocean Attendance App in the phone and press the check-in and checkout button. After pressing the button, Mobiocean app will instantly send the attendance on time with location to the employer.

MobiOcean offers ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’ based Attendance Management Solution, and empowers businesses to efficiently address mobility challenges linked to field employee attendance and conveyance.

Simple and Effective!

Attendance Features


All you need to do is just press the login and Logout button to mark the attendance.

Record attendance as per employee location

Confirm ‘in-time’ (entry) and ‘out-time’ (exit)

Register location-based ‘in-time’ (entry) and ‘out-time’ (exit) 

Calculate hours of work as per ‘in-time’ (entry) and ‘out-time’ (exit)

Update presence (full day, half day, short leave, or absent) as per hours of work


Capture selfy and upload as an attendance proof with In-and Out location point.

Can be Availed More ...
Workforce App
Easy-to-use program in mobile devices, including Smartphones and Tablets, used by field sales and field support employees integrated with device features – camera, maps, data storage, and more – for information sharing.
Business Console
User-friendly program for web browser based access by business owners, managers, administrators, and human resources team offering,location information, time & distance alerts, varied reports, historical data, and more
The working ...
Installed in field sales and field support employee’s mobile gadget, MobiOcean App sends activity data to the server.
The server captures the relevant activity data.
The server makes the activity data available to administrators via MobiOcean Console