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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The Mobile devices have brought along formidable challenges for businesses due to powerful hardware and software available on the mobile devices.And Mobile operating system like Android, IOs, and Windows address many security issues and creates a new requirement.

Mobiocean provides Mobile device management (MDM) solutions for small, medium, and large size businesses.Which helps businesses regain mobile device management by addressing mobility threats and delivers flexible mobile device management facilities helping businesses to manage, regulate, and secure mobile devices use and thus helping making staff more productive and business secured.

Offering both ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’ based mobile device management (mdm) solutions from a single console. MobiOcean MDM solutions allow businesses to manage, regulate and secure the smart phones and tablets.

The followings are the key offerings of MobiOcean MDM solution

Device Security

MobiOcean enables businesses to ensure the security of mobile devices by using ‘Remote Triggers’ for locating the device and..Read More

Web Management

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App Management

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Device Management

Offering both ‘on-premises’ and ‘in the cloud’ mobile device management (mdm) solutions from a single console,..Read More

Call / SMS Management

Offering both ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’ based mobile device management solutions from a single console, MobiOcean enables businesses to regulate Call / SMS..Read More