Public Transportation Management

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Public Transportation Management

The rapid expansion and use of public transportation makes it necessary to seamlessly manage and control operations for ensuring secure and reliable travel for passengers.

MobiMove offers automated bus transport solution. The software enables anyone availing public transport and public transport authorities to monitor in real time the movement of public vehicles


Live Vehicle Tracking
Real-time monitoring of vehicles
GPS Tracker for Passengers
Live location of people travelling in vehicles
Arrival Forecast
Advance information of vehicle appearance
Automated Alert System
SMS alert in case GPS is inaccessible
Real-Time Video Monitoring
Live monitoring to capture all activities inside vehicles
Public Information Displays
Single-screen essential information display at important vehicle stops

Three Views, Connecting All!

Traveller App
Receive updates on the ground and on the move about BUSES. The traveller can set the alert time for the frequently travelled BUS.
Vehicle Driver / Coordinator App
Get informed on the move
Owner Administration Panel
Remain up-to-date on vehicles and travellers on the move

One Solution, Multiple Benefits!

Live Vehicle Tracking
•    Live GPS Tracking for comprehensive monitoring of vehicles, alongside current location
•    Passengers can track and get accurate information about vehicles at any time
•    Passengers can set alert for on-boarding and off-boarding
•    Routes can be managed and monitored, with accurate route-map while travelling
•    Vehicle activities can be monitored and reports of the driver can be availed
•    Automated Alerts for vehicle and driver to ensure vehicles are running smoothly

GPS Tracker for Passengers
•    Live location of passenger and vehicle
•    Information about routes and other monitoring tools

Arrival Forecast
•    GPS tracking provides passengers with accurate arrival time of vehicles at every stop in the vehicle’s route
•    Provides route database and current location 
•    Alerts in case of delay in vehicle arrival at any stop
•    Passengers can see vehicle information (vehicle routes, arrival time, vehicles passing by a particular location, etc.)
•    Passengers can view their current location and receive information about nearby stops
•    Passengers can select preferred stops to exit the vehicle

Automated Alert System
•    Automated text alert, in case GPS is not working due to slow or no Internet connection
•    Passengers can get real-time information about current vehicle location through text message / alert

Real-time Video Monitoring
•    Real-time video monitoring captures all activities inside vehicles 
•    Alerts can be sent to the server in case of an emergency situation (rash driving, passenger misbehavior, etc.) 
•    Live video monitoring connected and synchronized with real-time GPS
•    Option for additional tools like automated logging of activities and alerts

Public Information Displays 
•    Single-screen information display at important vehicle stops provide current location of vehicles, arrival and departure time, and delayed vehicles with reason
•    Passengers without mobile phones (hence unable to track vehicles and receive alert messages) can view all information on displays

The Thinking behind MobiMove

MobiMove integrates Global Positioning System (GPS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies. Special devices installed in vehicles continuously send monitoring and tracking signals to the integrated central server, which provides real-time information on vehicles and travellers. The movement information is then converted into alerts / notifications and sent to designated individuals and receiving points.

How MobiMove Works?

1.    Travellers get to view information and receive alerts on their mobile phones 
2.    Vehicle Drivers / Coordinators receive information and alerts on their mobile phones
3.    Transport Owners have comprehensive view of vehicle movement and vehicle interior

With MobiMove …

•    Travellers have all-time visibility of vehicles on the move, can save time via vehicle arrival forecast, and can view essential information through public information displays
•    Vehicle Drivers / Coordinators have access to all-round information and receive timely alerts
•    Transport Owners have all-time visibility of vehicles and can better manage vehicle routes, view and monitor all activities inside vehicles, and avail activity report on routes with mileage, duration, and stop timings to optimize routes and save fuel

MobiMove ensures safe and secure travel for anyone availing public transport. 

The App alerts Travellers, Vehicle Drivers / Coordinators, and Transport Owners all the time, every time!