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MobiMove Transport Solution for School is a automated transport system to not only enhance the safety of students travelling to school and back but also helping parents and school authorities by giving clear visibility of movement of vehicles and students. By using the technology of GPS in combination with RFID smartcards it provides the safe and secure way of transportation services to parents, schools, bus/transport companies and other stake holders. In addition there is MobiMove Mobile app for Parents and Driver for safety, planning and better management of daily operations

School Travel

MobiMove is One-of-a-kind school transport management software, the App offers a comprehensive solution for safe and dependable travel.Which enables parents, school authorities, for school vehicle tracking and vehicle drivers / coordinators to monitor in real time the movement of children / students and staff in school vehicles

Apps & Panel View

Parent App
Get informed about vehicles and children on the move
Vehicle Driver / Coordinator App
Receive updates on students on the move
School Administration Panel
Remain up-to-date on vehicles, students, and staff on the move



  •    Live Vehicle Tracking
  •    In Bus Attendance
  •    Pick/Drop notification 
  •    Set Pick-up and drop off alert time.
  •    Over Speed Alert
  •    Absent Alert
  •    Delay Notification Alert
  •    Reporting
  •    Route Adherence (*)
  •    SOS/Panic button (*)
  •    Messenger for instant communication between parents ,driver and school authorities
  •    Estimated Time of Arrival (*)
  •    Distance & Trip Tracking


The Technology behind MobiMove for School Travel

MobiMove integrates Global Positioning System (GPS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies. Special devices installed in vehicles and personalized smartcards with travellers continuously send monitoring and tracking signals to the integrated central server, which provides real-time information on vehicles and travellers. The movement information is then converted into alerts / notifications and sent to designated individuals and receiving points.

How MobiMove Works?

1.    Parents receive alert on mobile phone as per prefined time set by them on app as vehicle approaches pickup point
2.    Once child / student boards vehicle, parents and school authorities receive alerts
3.    Once child / student boards vehicle, the vehicle driver / coordinator receives an  update  
4.    Vehicle coordinator can also make a call to the parents and school admin incase of emergency. 
5.    Once the child / student reaches school, a message is sent to parents and school authorities 
6.    Vehicle drivers / coordinators get informed that all Students who boarded the vehicle have safely reached school
Similarly, for the return journey, parents, school authorities, and vehicle drivers / coordinators are informed when the child / student gets down at the drop point.

With MobiMove …

•    Parents and School Authorities have all-time visibility of the Child / Student in the Vehicle
•    Parents save time while dropping off and picking up their Children
•    Vehicle Drivers / Coordinators can avail stop timings to optimize travel and save fuel.
•    Parents, School Authorities, and Vehicle Drivers / Coordinators are alerted in case of any emergency  

MobiMove ensures safe and secure travel for children to and from school.

The App alerts Parents, School Authorities, and Vehicle Drivers / Coordinators all the time, every time!