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Why Mobiocean

Do you feel the need to regulate the mobile devices, including Smartphones and Tablets, being used to access company data and resources?
Do you consider securing these gadgets to protect your company’s sensitive data to be important?
Are you concerned about the safety and security of your employees and want to reach out in case of any emergency while they are serving your company?

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Have you tried MobiOcean?

Recognizing the ever-increasing use of mobile devices for work and the need to manage them at the office or during work hours, MobiOcean empowers business owners to identify mobility challenges, protect sensitive company data, adopt mobile gadget safety measures, enhance employee safety and security, improve performance and profitability, and optimize organizational mobility cost.

First, MobiOcean empowers businesses to install, manage, integrate, regulate, and secure mobile devices for employees to safely and securely access corporate data and resources anytime, from anywhere.

Second, keeping the needs of businesses and their employees at the centre, we have developed the Mobility Solutions which are completely customizable to a company’s specific needs:


Third, MobiOcean’s robust platform helps companies to reach out to employees during emergency, enhance the safety and security of employees, in particular female employees, and protect sensitive company and personal data if the gadget is lost or misplaced.

Fourth, MobiOcean in an advanced mobility management solution that allows the Administrator to manage and regulate the functionality of all the fixed features and hardware available in gadgets from a central console. This helps to reduce mobility challenges and security threats / problems, while enabling users to bring their own devices to the workplace.

Fifth, MobiOcean’s mobile device management products and solutions are compatible with all common mobile device / gadget operating platforms and applications and can:
•    function via multiple service providers
•    be implemented directly over-the-air, targeting specific devices (as required)
•    add / remove devices from the system (as required) to optimize network efficiency and security

Sixth, MobiOcean’s products and solutions are effective, simple to use, and innovative in design: right from enrolling the services to pushing pre-defined profiles to triggering actions from a remote location to activating administrator control and user interface to using our very own and specially-made web browser.

So there are enough and more reasons to choose MobiOcean

+ protect sensitive company data and resources +

+ secure personal information +

+ reach out to employees in case of SOS / Emergency situations +

+ regulate mobile-device-related activities to improve performance +

+ effectively manage mobile communication cost +

+ locate the misplaced, lost, or stolen mobile device +

+ erase sensitive data and information in case the gadget is lost or stolen +